Issue 31 | Winter 2023


Are we all breathing SMART Dust?

As nanotechnology progresses, the potential uses for Smart Dust are becoming increasingly vast 

Quantum Dots

enable scientists to visualise biological processes at the molecular level with unprecedented clarity

Hypersonic Systems

have evolved significantly from entertainment to weapons in recent years

Digital Identity

Where is the world of passwordless heading 

Industry 5.0

With its emphasis on automation, digitisation, and interconnectivity, Industry 5.0 is set to revolutionise the way goods are produced and delivered

Experimental quantum computers

The potential threats they poses to the security of critical infrastructure

Edge AI

By performing data processing and analysis at the edge of the network, close to the source of the data, Edge AI can reduce the costs of data processing and management

Carbon Capture and Storage

What are the risks of Carbon Capture and Storage?

Green aviation

Electric aircraft designs promise to reduce emissions and operating costs

Driving excellence in innovation

We hear from our partners the City of Glasgow College about how their relentless focus on innovation helped them achieve the highest possible ranking from the European Foundation of Quality Management

Creation out of nothing

The physics concept of exponentially coupling certain systems to quantum vacuum can lead to a source of energy is attracting further attention

Robot dogs take a walk on the wired side

Robots are learning to walk and work

Can innovation reshape the principles of economics?

This article explains the concept of the Economics of Intelligence and discusses how innovation is changing the way we think about economic principles