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The dangers of algorithms that 'rule the world'

Big Tech is prompting a host of concerns around privacy and power, but for Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert, there is one that is not being adequately addressed: algorithms. Lucy Ingham speaks to him about how a lack of oversight is creating problems, and how open source may help provide a solution.

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Growing sphere of influence: China’s overseas tech investments in numbers

Some see the flow of Chinese money as a natural biproduct of a globalised economy. Critics see it as part of a soft power move by the world superpower. What is clear is that tech investments have been rising over the past decade and are quietly increasing China’s presence in companies. Robert Scammell looks at the data.

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Cyber & security

Cyber cold war: nation-state hacking from Russia

A recent UK report on Russian interference brought the issue of state-backed cyberattacks to the fore. Luke Christou explores the reality of the problem, and how it is impacting businesses.

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Cybersecurity in the Covid-19 era: the state of cyber threats in 2020

Covid-19 has transformed the world of work, but it has also had a knock-on impact to the cybersecurity landscape. Verdictlooks at some of the latest data about cybersecurity and what it means for businesses.

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CTO Talk: Q&A with SecurityScorecard’s Glen Pendley

As part of Verdict.co.uk's CTO talk series, Robert Scammell speaks to Glen Pendley, CTO of SecurityScorecard, a US information security company that rates the cybersecurity postures of corporate entities. Pendley explains why he’s worried about sloppy coding, how growing up before the days of Google instilled a strong research ethic, and how learning when not to care is key to avoiding burnout

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Architecture & Construction

Rethinking office design for the post-pandemic world

Lockdowns are lifting, but many workers are not returning to their offices, and when they do come in, their needs are changing. So what does this mean for office design? Alex Love asks office design specialists how they expect designs to change and what challenges it will present.

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Design for wellbeing: reimagining public space

Wellbeing has been an increasing focus for architects for some time, and with the outbreak of the coronavirus, this has been drawn into a renewed interest in public space design. Design & Build Review looks at some of the recently proposed projects that draw both together.

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Innovation takes flight: the future of aviation as seen by the CAA

From drones to air taxis, the future of aviation is efficient, green and – above all – exciting. Lucy Ingham speaks to David Tait, head of innovation at the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, to find out what lies ahead and how the organisation is helping to make the future a reality.

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Will the coronavirus pandemic change airports as we know them?

The coronavirus pandemic has driven a global shift in the way public spaces are perceived, and airports are no exception. Airport Industry Review hears from design agency Corgan’s aviation studio about how airport developers may approach design strategies differently in years to come.

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Energy & Resources

Electrifying transport: how the UK’s net-zero ambitions will affect the grid

The British government has given £37m of funding to electrify the nation's transport network as part of its ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. But is the distribution and supply side also preparing for the increase in demand? Future Power Technology finds out. 

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IBM and Shell’s mission to create the Amazon of digital mining

Oren, a global B2B digital mining services marketplace created in partnership between IBM and Royal Dutch Shell, aims to accelerate the digitisation of the mining industry by hosting new technologies and digital systems on one platform. 

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Full charge: Five EV infrastructure pioneers to watch

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to surge, Future Power Technology looks at the possibility of an accelerated EV rollout, and profiles five of the infrastructure companies poised to make the best out of this opportunity.

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AI as the inventor: why patent law needs an update

AI has revolutionised healthcare by dramatically speeding up drug discovery and development. Despite this, patent offices have made it clear that because AI is it not human, it cannot be classed as an inventor in its own right. Pharma Technology Focus asks how patent law needs brought up to date to reflect the important contribution AI makes to inventions in pharma.

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Could AI help fix racial bias in medicine?

Racism in medicine has consistently led to negative healthcare outcomes for people of colour, and racial bias is now littered through the healthcare decision-making algorithms clinicians use to support individual patient care. But what if artificial intelligence could be the key to fixing racial bias in medicine, instead of encoding it?

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