The State of AI: 
Artificial Intelligence 
in Business

In a survey in partnership with GlobalData, Verdict AI asked business professionals from around the world about their thoughts, plans and practices with artificial intelligence. 

AI will be of key importance to 72% of businesses in the near future 

Machine learning is currently the biggest area of investment

62% of businesses are considering investing in AI

1 in 5 businesses used AI to replace or avoid hiring workers in the past year

Only 8% of people are particularly worried about losing their job to automation

Most businesses see AI as very important to their future

How important do you think AI will be for your organisation or industry in the next five to ten years?

awareness of Artificial intelligence is generally strong

How aware do you consider yourself to be about artificial intelligence technologies/solutions in your industry?

AI investment is mixed, but heavily weighted to machine learning

Which of the following AI areas has your organisation invested in recently?

For most businesses, AI investment is firmly on the horizon

Is your organisation considering investing in AI technologies in the future?

Will this be an internal or external investment?

A significant minority of businesses have begun to automate jobs

In the past year has your organisation used AI technologies to replace an existing role or avoid the creation of new roles that otherwise would have been needed?

Despite this, most people are not worried about their jobs being automated

How concerned are you personally about the risk of your job being replaced by artificial intelligence or other automation?

AI is generally seen as a positive force

As we look into the future, do you see AI as a risk or reward?

However, most people believe cybersecurity remains the biggest risk to AI’s future

What do you see as the biggest risk of AI in the coming five to ten years?

From a survey of 347 respondents conducted in August 2017 by Verdict AI and GlobalData.

Design by Paulius Zutautas for Verdict AI magazine.

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