Issue 16 | December 2018


The value of spin-outs

IKE CEO Professor Medhat sums up IKE's new research into the economic potential of university-industry collaborations

Leading by example

The Institute for Responsible Leadership tell us why there has been a shift in focus for organisational leaders following recent scandals

Transforming tech training in the Silicon Slopes

We visited Salt Lake City's Pluralsight to find out how the city is working to attract talent to Utah's growing tech community

IBM’s take on the future of enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence isn’t just about automating simple tasks, it can also help augment workers’ cognitive abilities

The future of AI education

A skills gap is looming in artificial intelligence, so what can the UK do to educate the next generation?

Human + machine

Accenture’s global lead for connected health tells us how new developments in AI and human-machine interaction will benefit healthcare

What does it take to predict cyberattacks?

Countering cyberattacks is no longer enough: the UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator is looking for new technologies to help predict them

A focus on future technology

Julia Sutcliffe, chief technology officer at BAE Systems’ Air business, tells us about the company’s approach to innovation

The bridge that robots built

We find out how robotics startup MX3D is using robots to 3D print a functional bridge in Amsterdam

Hyperloop emerges from the blueprints

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has revealed the construction process behind its first hyperloop passenger capsule

Super-fast charging: the boost EVs need?

Scientists at the University of Glasgow are developing a system that could reduce the charging time for electric vehicles from hours to just seconds

Technology in 2019

From blockchain to quantum computing: Rocket Software shares its technology predictions for the year ahead

Murphy's innovation strategy

We find out how the company's Innovation Foundation works to foster progress in the construction industry

The history of electric cars

This infographic from Lookers traces the origins of electric vehicles back to the 1830s