Issue 33 | Autumn 2023


Can Generative AI stimulate human creativity?

Questions and concerns about AI and human creativity

What could Gen AI role be in Innovation Management?

Gen AI are transforming how we live and work

Can Megatron-Turing assume the role of our intelligence watchdog?

Having tools in place to keep our intelligence agencies on a righteous path is more crucial than ever

How AI can provide an edge in Military Cognitive Supremacy

AI offers a wide range of benefits to militaries seeking cognitive supremacy

Can Environmental DNA help us improve biodiversity?

Biodiversity is severely declining due to climate change, pollution, and land use changes

What's next for MRI technology?

MRI innovation is as cut-and-dry an example of making the world a better place through technological advancements

Modular Microgrids: the future of Autonomous Power Generation

Microgrids are self-sufficient systems supplying energy to specific areas

How Instant Action Drone-based Systems can help in an emergency

Drones will limit the damage and offer societies unparalleled peace of mind

How Satellite Military IoT is transforming battlefields

Military and IoT present a potent, impactful combination

How will Edge and Fog reshape the digital landscape

Edge and Fog computing lay the foundation for future innovation and digital transformation

How might AI regulations evolve internationally

AI enables computers to think and learn independently of human intervention

Regenerative design

Cities as generators of environmental health. we need to align more closely with natural systems. Not only sustain but regenerate


Enhancing Material Properties of recycled glass fibre through Sizing will change the way industry approaches recycled materials