Issue 22 | Summer 2020


The briefing

The latest business and technology news, comment and analysis from the editorial team at our sister publication Verdict

Review, recover and reinvent your business

IKE CEO Professor Sa’ad Sam Medhat shares advice on navigating business recovery during the coronavirus crisis

A bright future for commercial human spaceflight

Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides explains why the SpaceX Demo-2 mission marks a milestone for the US commercial space sector

Three roles for drones in manufacturing

Columbus tells us how drone technology can simplify inspections, asset monitoring and delivery procedures in manufacturing

From quantum to space: NATO's top strategic disruptors 

NATO has identified technological innovations that will disruption the way its member states’ armed forces operate

A look inside Army innovation

The British Army's Innovation Team tells us about its work in establishing a culture of innovation in the armed forces

Science meets engineering

IKE fellow Richard Barr shares the story of a scientist and an engineer who joined forces to create world-changing innovation in the early 20th century.

The power of exploration

Education experts Patrick Brown and Janice Koch explain the benefits of the explore-before-explain approach to STEM teaching

How to protect your IoT devices from ransomware attacks

EU Automation has advice for manufacturers on how to keep their IoT-connected devices safe from cyber crime

How to claim tax credit for software R&D

Myriad Associates tells us why claiming R&D tax credit for software development can be tricky, and what developers should know

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