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How the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating Industry 4.0

 Thanks to the coronavirus, industry 4.0’s birth is more painful, brutal and quick than we could have ever expected. As a recession looms, Verdict Magazine editor Lucy Ingham explores why adoption could be vital to companies’ survival.

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Bill Schmarzo: “Start with the business, not the data”

Verdict magazine deputy editor Robert Scammell speaks to Hitachi Vantara CTO and chief innovation officer Bill Schmarzo about big data, avoiding rattlesnakes and the political weaponising of technology.

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Cyber & security

How the coronavirus forced Zoom to grow up fast

The coronavirus has catapulted Zoom into the living rooms of hundreds of millions of people. But extra scrutiny of the videoconferencing software has found its security and privacy to be lacking. Verdict Magazine deputy editor Rob Scammell looks at where Zoom messed up, how it responded to criticism and what it is doing to fix things

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Neurosity: the startup bringing mind-controlled computing to the masses

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but with brain-machine interfaces emerging as a significant nascent market, it is only a matter of time before mind-controlled computing becomes mainstream. Verdict's Ellen Daniel speaks to the founders of Neurosity to find out how the company’s premier product Notion is paving the way

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CTO Talk: Q&A with SecurityScorecard’s Glen Pendley

As part of Verdict.co.uk's CTO talk series, Robert Scammell speaks to Glen Pendley, CTO of SecurityScorecard, a US information security company that rates the cybersecurity postures of corporate entities. Pendley explains why he’s worried about sloppy coding, how growing up before the days of Google instilled a strong research ethic, and how learning when not to care is key to avoiding burnout

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Architecture & Construction

Accelerating architecture’s digital revolution 

Architecture’s digital revolution is well underway, and yet, still far from complete. In the latest Design & Build Review, Luke Christou finds out how architects’ ways of working are changing, and asks if tools such as augmented reality could one day see the same level of adoption as BIM or cloud computing.

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Digital fabrication and the future of architecture

Digital fabrication technologies such as 3D printing are gaining ground in architecture and their potential is vast. Design & Build Review editor Lucy Ingham speaks to architect and digital fabrication pioneer Arthur Mamou-Mani about how the technology could transform the field for the better.

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Understanding cybersecurity on metro networks

As operators continue to invest in improved connectivity and passenger experience on their metro systems, they inevitably become more exposed to cybersecurity threats. Future Rail finds out why, and how companies can improve their cybersecurity strategies.

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The cost of low-carbon transformation in shipping 

There is no doubt that tackling climate change is going to be expensive and challenging. But with new figures suggesting the decarbonisation of shipping could require investments of over $1trn, how much should the industry expect to spend in the coming years? Ship Technology Global explores the issue. 

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Energy & Resources

Electrifying transport: how the UK’s net-zero ambitions will affect the grid

The British government has given £37m of funding to electrify the nation's transport network as part of its ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. But is the distribution and supply side also preparing for the increase in demand? Future Power Technology finds out. 

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Covid-19: the rise of remote connectivity and digital mining 

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital and remote operations in all sectors. To find out what this means for the mining sector, MINE magazine spoke to ABB mining VP and global product manager Max Luedtke.

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A look inside Russia’s $300bn Arctic oil and gas investment

While investments in the North American Arctic remain frozen, Russia is investing massively in the region. Offshore Technology Focus investigates the country's strategy and asks what oil price collapse could mean for Russian ambitions in the Arctic Circle.

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No time to waste: repurposing drugs to tackle Covid-19

There is an urgent need for safe and effective drugs to combat the escalating Covid-19 pandemic. Novel vaccines and drugs are not going to be a short-term solution to this deadly viral disease. Instead, the answer could be reusing and repurposing existing medicines. Pharma Technology Focus takes a look at some promising candidates. 

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Rwanda’s a digital health success story

Rwanda is set to become the first country in the world to have a digital-first universal primary care service, due to a government collaboration with Babylon Health. Medical Technology explores the transformation this African country has been through to make it a good location for implementing digital health innovations to benefit of its citizens. 

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