Issue 27 | Autumn 2021


Can disruptive innovation save the planet?

IKE Institute CEO Professor Sa’ad Sam Medhat explores how transformative innovations can help in the fight against climate change

Now is not the time for resignation

The IPCC's stark warnings have only strengthened the case for climate action 

How much could sea levels rise?

Explore predicted sea level rise in major coastal cities with our interactive data

We must re-think infrastructure to reach net zero by 2050

A Princeton report highlights necessary shifts in our approach to energy infrastructure 

AI can speed up energy transition, but barriers remain

The WEF offers guidance on the adoption of artificial intelligence in the energy sector

The UK's £4bn hydrogen development plan

The UK's first hydrogen strategy aims to encourage £4bn in hydrogen investment by 2030

A $550bn clean energy effort

The US's proposed clean energy investment bill will modernise everything from power generation to public transport

Why investors can’t wait to take climate action

We explore the role foreign direct investment plays in fighting climate change

Will the business world step up to the climate challenge?

Harnessing the financial power of banking and business for the climate cause

Funding the next renewables success story

The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult tells us about the potential of tidal stream power in the UK

Cornish innovators harness Earth’s resources

The University of Plymouth highlights three sustainable technology development projects funded through its accelerator

Powering a green city revolution

Smart grids and electric vehicles hold the key to a new era of cleaner cities

Transformation or evolution?

Defining the difference between digital transformation and digital evolution, and what it means for business value