Issue 32 | Summer 2023


Can microbes address the world’s infestation of plastics? 

Plastic pollution is a global crisis that poses significant threats to our planet's ecosystems, wildlife, and human health

Nanotechnology in food and health

Nanotechnology is used to design and create new materials, devices, and systems with unique properties

When 5G met satellite

5G enables an evolved network designed to connect all devices, machines, and objects

Generative AI occupies the new seat of learning

AI has taken significant strides in recent years, best illustrated by generative AI like ChatGPT storming onto the scene

The world of false

Given the greyness of society, it should come as no surprise that AI has its detractors and pitfalls

Adaptive Zero Trust

secures data and infrastructure in digital transformation

Can bias truly be eradicated from AI?

Concerns about biases in AI raise questions about its ability to make the positive social impact it could and should

Self-healing materials

is an artificial substance that repairs itself without any human diagnosis or invention

Cryo-Electron Microscopy

is an innovation heralding a transformational shift in how researchers perceive and understand microscopic phenomena

How dynamic sourcing is rewiring supply chain networks

Dynamic sourcing is a system utilising automation and agile processes to strategically navigate and establish control within the pandemonium of in-flux supply chain networks

Why are Large Language Models getting special attention?

Fully grasping large language models means first understanding deep learning techniques

High Performance Computing

plays a crucial role in our modern landscape, leading to breakthroughs and innovations in multiple fields