Issue 24 | Winter 2020


Cyber sills are improving

The global cybersecurity skills shortage has fallen for the first time

Room for investment

Europe’s industrial tech investment lags despite high growth potential

Why your organisation's digital maturity matters

IKE CEO Professor Sa’ad Sam Medhat explains why an organisation’s level of digital maturity provides an effective indicator of its adaptive capacity to respond to a crisis

The next tech hub is coming to a town near you

The UK's tech industry is moving away from its city-centric recruitment model

How coronavirus blurred the lines between public and private data

Views on building a healthy data ecosystem from the Open Data Institute’s 2020 summit 

Covid-19 and the rise of automation anxiety

Oxford Martin School's Dr Carl Benedikt Frey on the impact of automation on the labour market 

Answering today’s problems with yesterday’s research

How past innovations can help solve research challenges such as Covid-19

Companies turn to tech to weather the storm

How companies are using technology such as cloud computing to overcome challenges caused by the pandemic

A leap forward in automated translation

Facebook's new multilingual machine learning translation software raises the stakes

The dangers of algorithms that rule the world

Drupal founder and Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert discusses concerns around privacy and power in Big Tech 

The startup decoding climate uncertainty 

Cervest CEO and founder Iggy Bassi tells us abouts his plan to map climate risk for every building on the planet

Innovation takes flight

The UK Civil Aviation's head of innovation tells us about the future of aviation, from drone delivery to air taxis and beyond

Keeping smart cities safe with artificial intelligence

Patriot One Technologies shares insights into innovative security solutions for cities

Microsoft, Space X and the new space race

Microsoft and SpaceX join forces with Azure Space, a potential challenger to the space market

Using remote desktop securely

Advertorial: Xiid explains how it enables secure use of remote desktop