Issue 19 | Autumn 2019


The briefing

The latest business and technology news, comment and analysis from the editorial team at our sister publication Verdict

Creating a growth mindset

IKE CEO Professor Sa'ad Medhat explains how a change of mindset can create an organisational culture that allows innovation to flourish

Proving the invisible

Murphy's innovation coordinator Jack Selman explains the sometimes invisible but always vital work of innovation teams

Can machines innovate?

Patent attorney Richard Johnson discusses whether AI systems can be considered inventors and what the legal implications are

Making the AI hype a reality

Content Guru deputy CEO Martin Taylor argues that AI will be crucial to the success of a frictionless customer experience

Reimagining construction

Pivotal Consultants CEO and IKE fellow Scott McGibbon examines the challenges and opportunities the digital transformation is bringing to the construction industry

The state of technology adoption in construction

A new report from Zen Internet reveals how construction companies feel about the digital transformation

Speeding up innovation

IKE fellow Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas discusses how we can speed up the adoption of innovative ideas in corporate operations

New ideas for manufacturing

Dr Simon Kew of Alchemie Technology tells us how his company aims to transform manufacturing with its innovative digital materials science technologies

Supercharging innovation in the Royal Air Force

We hear how the Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office is working to boost innovation in the UK’s armed forces

Further reading

A selection of in-depth features and analysis across business, technology and industry, chosen by our editor from our sister publications