Issue 34 | Winter 2024


Why are Miniature Satellites expanding so rapidly?

Miniature satellites are changing how we investigate and understand our universe

The next destination for commercial Sub-Orbital Rockets

Redefined commercial suborbital capabilities

Space Communication

How Infrared Lasers are changing the comms game

Are we ready for digital humans

Companions, therapists, entertainers…? The advent of digital humans is blurring the lines between the virtual and the real

Can 6G deliver on the Holographic & Tactile Communications' promise

As the world barely adjusts to 5G, the horizon is already buzzing with the prospects of 6G

The quantum transition

Preparing for a quantum ready workforce

The cyber arms race and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing is quickly becoming a national security issue

Quantum Machine Learning (QML)

Do we have the right skills?

Beyond the rational

How can Behavioural Science fill in the gaps in decision-making?

Are we reaching the absolute physical limit of chip miniaturisation

The relentless pursuit of smaller, faster, and more efficient chips faces the ultimate test: the laws of physics

The rise of E-Waste

How concerned should we be?

Are we surrendering our data security when it comes to health?

How to balance convenience and privacy

Charting a course for maritime safety and training excellence

Award-winning research from City of Glasgow College

Can organisations make Quantum Computing a practical reality for their operations?

How organisations can start integrating quantum computing into their businesses