Issue 25 | Spring 2021


IKE welcomes launch of Advanced Research & Invention Agency

A new government-led UK agency will fund "high-risk, high-reward” research

WEF aims to advance ethical AI 

The World Economic Forum has launched a new initiative to advance the responsible development of AI

Multiplying the power of X as a service

IKE CEO Professor Sa’ad Sam Medhat explores the business innovation potential of the as-a-service concept

Business leaders remain optimistic about resilience

The pandemic hasn't dented business leaders' confidence in their organisations' resilience

Disruption becomes transformation

We explore how the disruption of 2020 can trigger business transformation

What will office life look like in the new normal?

Architects and designers are responding to emerging needs for post-pandemic offices

How AI is turbocharging drug discovery

Healx is using AI to speed up drug discovery for rare diseases

The role of supercomputers in fighting Covid-19

High-performance computing has made a vital contribution during the pandemic

We still need to mind the pay gap

Recent research highlights the lack of gender equality in the workplace

Climate risk heats up competition

Why climate risk can mean financial risk for businesses who fall behind

Climate change and conflict: it's complicated

The effects of climate change can cause or exacerbate conflict, creating a conundrum on a global scale

Solving power losses with AI

A public-private collaboration is testing a new AI-enabled solution to power transmission