Issue 13 | March 2018


Strategy matters, but don't forget about culture

IKE CEO Professor Sa’ad Medhat explains why a convergence of strategy and culture is essential in building growth and excellence

The thrills and spills of innovation

Thales UK offers an insight into its innovation culture and shares advice on how companies can create a working environment that encourages ground-breaking ideas

Building a disruptive business model on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a powerful tool that can disrupt a host of industries, but it needs to be implemented appropriately

IBM’s take on the future of enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence isn’t just about automating simple tasks, it can also help augment workers’ cognitive abilities

The role of the architect in the digital age

Arthur Mamou-Mani on the potential impact of algorithmic design and robotic construction on future building projects

Re-thinking training in construction 

IKE’s regional Director Douglas Morrison tells us why a new approach to training is needed to ensure the long-term prosperity of the construction sector

Could India go 100% renewable?

Energy researchers claim India has the potential to run on renewables 2050, but it would take a lot to make this model a reality

Redefining urban energy

How new smart energy concepts are helping to create cleaner and more sustainable cities

Is it a train or a spaceship?

We chat to PriestmanGoode about its concept designs for a Hyperloop passenger capsule

Remote control today, autonomy tomorrow

Rolls-Royce is using Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine to equip its ships with intelligent awareness - the next step towards autonomous operations